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Betting company 1хСтавка offers a wide range a live sports betting online, 1хСтавка mobile applications for Android, iOS, windows phone и 1хСтавка offers app .apk, high odds on sporting events online, instant payments, 1ХСтавка taking legal online betting in Russia.


Betting company recognized as one of the best companies for betting online on the territory of Russia, winline offers brand new and comfortable mobile version, winline it is a full analogue of the web Sportsbook site focused on the domestic players who do sports betting online.


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Pari-Match one of the best betting companies, has the right to take bets on the territory of Russia, сайт available for sports betting online from any device, and is one of the largest bookmaker offices of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.



Rates! Bookmaker Winline - 1xBet Betting-Match

Online betting Sportsbook Wager Match is a handy tool for any player most prefer this Sportsbook because of the convenience and simple handling.



Browse bookmakers Paris Match, online betting on the site Pari - Match

Bookmaker betting-Match was founded in 1996 and is one of the pioneers in the industry of sports betting market in Russia and the CIS, offline the company has more than 400 betting shops in Russia and CIS countries, the online division of the company operates under license from gambling Commission of Curacao, also Bet Mate offers online poker, online casino with real croupiers, slot machines and even online betting on virtual games, the Keno lottery and bet on poker. At the moment, according to the representative of the company was more than 400 thousand active players, the company's website available in 3 languages, including Russian, and account open using 10 kinds of currencies.

the website of the bookmaker Pari-Match available in 3 languages including Georgian - the minimum bet amount $ 1 or 20 rubles - is available online broadcast on the website of the Bookmaker Pari The match is a Great section of the Live betting Opportunity to bet "system" and "conditional bid" are permanent bonuses and promotions - a wide range of methods of Deposit and withdrawal of money - responsive support - the ability to implement mobile betting - nice design and easy navigation.

parimatch restricted access

But not so long ago in Russia banned gambling and restricted access to information distributed via information and telecommunication network Internet, as well as through partner sites, in the order established by the Federal law of July 27, 2006 № 149-FZ On information, information technologies and protection of information. On 1 August 2014 entered into force the Federal law No. 97-FZ, which introduced into Russian law the concept of "organizer of information dissemination in the network "Internet". The organizers of information dissemination in a network "the Internet" is assigned special duties in the event of the failure of which to information resources of the organizers will apply the measure – restricting access to their information resources. As of may 1, 2015 came into force an article 15.6 of the Federal law of July 27, 2006 № 149-FZ "On information, information technologies and protection of information". She describes how to limit access to sites in a network "the Internet", which is repeatedly and wrongfully placed information containing objects of copyright and (or) related rights, or information required to obtain them using information - telecommunication networks, including the Internet. It is for these reasons and no access to the site parimatch.

Access betting sites in the EU

Notification about cookies in the EU In accordance with the legislation of the European Union you have to provide visitors from EU countries information about cookies used in your blog or website. In many cases, the laws also require you to obtain consent in respect of these files. To help you to comply with the law. As blog Google Alerts that contains information about that in your blog or website uses cookies and Google services Blogger, including cookies of Google Analytics and AdSense.

Bonuses and promotions the bookmaker Betting Match

Bonuses and promotions and one of the advantages of the BC Pari-Match the most popular bonus "free 101-I bet", that is, after 100 bets, the player receives a bonus on your account and the money can be used for sports betting and withdrawal. The bonus amount is the average sum rate of the total amount is made 100 bets. Also acts on a regular basis action "Express+" that allows you to get additional prizes when making bets Express. There is even a bonus $ 10 for first Deposit.

Mobile betting at the bookmaker Betting Match

how and where to bet on sports online and one question: what's the betting on the sports you like mobile betting, bet mobile phone as you know the rates on sports a lot and gambling a lot, but sports betting in bookmakers in our time become comfortable. What can you say about Live betting, I even really like this feature a bookmakers, especially the opportunity to bet during a match, in other words Live betting. What can you say about the specifics of rates with a mobile systems in particular, mobile betting is actually very easy Ulita allows you to bet on sports using mobile apps mobile betting 2. Today, betting on sports has become much easier with the advent of the Internet has increased a great choice among bookmakers, they were very many and the choice is very varied, the most important thing in this case is to choose the right Sportsbook for yourself, especially something that would have been understandable interface of the website and mobile applications

parimatch mobile version and alternative input

To access primac you can download parimatch browser or use a VPN, so you can use the settings on your browser, but for mobile devices you can download the mobile app, also visit the new mobile site from any device, MORE ADVANTAGES IN the MOBILE VERSION of the WEBSITE tailored for mobile devices.

Entrance for android

Adapted entrance for android

Browser parimatch

Privacy policy Paris Match

Personal details of the player Parimatch

Personal data of the player (i.e. any information by which You can be personally identified, such as Your name, address, phone number or address e-mail that are referred to in this privacy Policy as "Your information"), will be treated Pari-Match (including its agents and employees), and (if necessary) our partners and subcontractors in order to be able to provide a full range of services for the player. Player information is collected when you register to open an account with Pari-Match; or when player submits a written query to Pari-Match. One player is allowed to have no more than one account in the same currency. Bookmaker Pari-Match reserves the right to refuse accepting bets from any person without explanation. Data entered at registration, except password, can be changed in the future. If you are using any of the services, the Player recognizes what you have read and agree to the terms of this privacy Policy, and the point where the Player provides the Bookmaker Betting Match Information (including, for the avoidance of doubt, supply us a request via one of the Web sites or one where the Player only partially completes the registration process an account).
  Bookmaker 1xBet! , Bookmaker Wager Match! Bookmaker Winline WinlineBet!

Browse bookmakers Paris Match

support Paris Match

In the last years have significantly improved the quality of support services appeared online broadcasts of sporting events on the website of the Bookmaker Pari-Match in development some attractive bonuses and a loyalty program for players from CIS countries. In the register of licences of the Federal Tax Service for implementation of activities on organization and carrying out gamblings in bookmaker offices and totalizators of betring, OOO. The website of the bookmaker Pari-Match despite the minor flaws it is a solid bookmaker and meets all modern requirements, easy navigation, nice design, Bet online betting Match on the online website and with interest rates statistical section, and other useful information, can be easily found using the easy navigation. Line the bookmaker Betting Match on the website competitor to capable of leading bookmakers, the sports event is divided into subsections, which is very convenient. Bookmaker betting Match has a solid website which is regularly updated and recent updates have made the already comfortable and functional resource, even better, Bookmaker betting Match is the best bookmaker in Russia and the CIS.

Types of bets on sports at the bookmaker Betting Match

Bet Asian handicap bookmaker Paris Match

Bet Asian handicap bookmaker Pari-Match is the handicap bet which reduces the risk of loss of the player this type of handicap there are several varieties and 1.

Bet Asian handicap bookmaker Pari-Match 0 0

Asian handicap bookmaker Pari-Match 0 0 – bookmaker believes that the opponents are equivalent and in the event of a tie the bet is returned to the player or victory portends profit, lose – lose bet. and 2

Bet Asian handicap bookmaker Pari-Match 0 0,5

Bet Asian handicap bookmaker Pari-Match 0 0,5 +/- the underdog of the match gets a half a goal advantage in the case of the losing team or a draw game bet handicap -0,5 on favourite to play and if you win profits and provided respectively at a rate of +0,5 handicap will win in case of a draw or victory outsider. and 3

Bet Asian handicap bookmaker Pari-Match 0 0,25

Asian handicap bookmaker Pari-Match 0 0,25 +/- a quarter goal advantage given to the underdog, there are 4 possible outcomes: win or lose a bet, win or to lose part-time and bet on the underdog -0,25 win in case of victory or a draw will be returned part-time in the defeat rate lost. Bet +0,25 wins in case of victory the team will lose in case of defeat, and in the case of a draw half the bet will be returned, and other half multiplied by the supplied factor.

Bet single bet at the bookmaker Betting Match

Bet the single bet is a bet on a separate outcome of event. The winnings of a single bet is equal to the sum of the rates set for this outcome factor.

Express Bet at the bookmaker Pari-Match

Bet the parlay in the Sportsbook Bet football is a bet on some independent outcomes of events. To win the Express need to get on any of the outcomes which are rapid, there was no loss. The gain on the Express is equal to the product of the bet amount and the odds of all outcomes included in the Express. In other words: the coefficients of all the selected outcomes are multiplied among themselves and the resulting factor is multiplied by the bet amount. Win this rate can be significantly greater than at the rate of a single bet, but the risk is equally high.

Bet double the outcomes in the bookmaker Betting Match

Dual outcomes in the bookmaker Betting Match bets with increased reassurance 1X means the first team doesn't lose, 12 someone's going to win no draw, X2 the second the team won't lose ie, at a rate of 1X and 2X to bet brought You your money required to Your team at least not lost even if there is a draw You win and get the money.

Bet time Match at the bookmaker Betting Match

Half-Match at the bookmaker Betting Match this event is broken into first and second halves of one match, we need to guess the course of the game and a goal from a team-favorite in the first half, what the score will end the first half and so on. If You guess the outcome in the first half in any match, great win for You guaranteed. The coefficients here are just huge and much more than just if you guess the winner.

maintenance work in the bookmaker Betting Match

However, there are some problems in the site due to periodic maintenance work conducted on the site, as well as deny access to site in Russia by Roskomnadzor but this problem is solved and you can read about it on our website. The level of odds at the bookmaker Pari-Match the same as many competitors sometimes changes like all other bookmakers because of the balance of odds lines bookmakers Paris Match, apply to all events including the online betting. When registering on the website of the bookmaker Pari-Match, the user has the choice between several options for depositing your account, so the player gets a bonus on your first Deposit up to $ 2,000 when you use the way to Supplement it persists for a method of money withdrawal from the account. It turns out how you made money, then only in the manner and withdraw the remaining options for withdrawal and Deposit can not be used, but if you decide to change the way that You need to pay another way then to withdraw. Many players forget or not even consider it necessary to review this item the rules of making a Deposit and opening an account at the bookmaker Betting Match for this reason you may experience problems associated with monetary operations depositing and withdrawing funds.

Line at the bookmaker Betting Match

Line in parimatch attracted by its diversity and will please even the most discerning bettor to navigate it is not difficult and almost all events have a wide painting. Also worth noting is the fact that to wager in the wager match even to games in the lower divisions of the CIS countries. Bookmaker provides its players a quite high odds which can be compared with offers of the leading foreign bookmakers and not to mention the domestic offices. Directly on the site Paris match online you can watch the many events.

You can place a bet here

Player's faults at the bookmaker Betting Match

the mistakes of players is to bet on sports after losing, you need to reflect on and analyze, it is necessary to rest, sleep or take a walk in the fresh air, chat with friends. And then a fresh mind to look at match statistics, read and watch the Analytics to understand their mistakes and even miss a few games even when the team plays in which you can make the right analysis. Once you learn about his defeat in an attempt to recoup immediately make another bet and to lose her again. It is important to understand what mistake You made and how fast you lost all the money. After a failed bid to restrict yourself to do the next bet is the rush is on and the next day without emotion and with a sober mind begin to work.

betting on sports can be done here

Bets online at the bookmaker Pari-Match

Betting over the Internet have become very popular, not so long ago the players sat in front of computer, now you can delay betting in any place where there is Internet access is through a mobile application, mobile betting. Online sports betting is one of the types of sports betting, online betting is a bet in live, betting online can be done while watching a match on TV or on the football field where the game and the desire to gamble. Sports betting to win by doing the right rates. And sports betting and online Sportsbook and sports fans, combine the useful with the pleasant, enjoying the view and your favorite sport and earn money for guessing the result, I think it may be time for you to try. Do not forget to analyze their actions, online lottery, online roulette for money, because the analysis this is the way to success and it can help you to understand that the result could not be installed and under what circumstances teams win more often. Never bet as in online lottery, online betting for real money on your team and you know what and how and who can win, you can choose a more suitable outcome for this match, for example total or handicap.


The leader on the CIS market is Betting company Pari-Match is very popular among the players and it is also worth noting that the bookmaker Pari-Match is an official sponsor of the Ukrainian Premier League, many players from Ukraine like to bet on sporting events in bookmaker Pari- Match. 

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sports betting can be done here


As you have to beat the bookmaker is not very easy, but it's still important to find possible matches for us 




in which the coefficients on the outcomes exceeded the estimated probability of a bookmaker.


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I bet you can do here to see prices


Domestic Tote with the most powerful gaming pools and jackpots. True, and the number of those wishing to have a huge amount of millions. As a result, people just play the lottery, buying more Toto tickets at an expensive price. When I started to bet on sports for me it was very difficult and incomprehensible. But as we know the experience comes with time, and that to me this experience has come and I hasten to share his knowledge of the world of sports betting. Experienced players who are betting on sport is a few simple steps it is instinct which reduces their chances of b ... Read more »

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